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Double post from status updates:

New Space Marine models for Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker are now available, but they might not be what you thought they'd be - APRIL FOOLS!

Look here:…
The new Space Marine models are currently in a closed beta of sorts. Ultramarines release coming very soon.

They will be available on SFMLab as well as the Facepunch forums thread I've linked earlier.
Here's a link to the Facepunch model release thread that i'm keeping up to date. it'll be obsolete after i put this stuff on the Workshop, but it works for now…
Over the following week or so (7 to 9 days) i'm going to try and do the following:

++++Complete the armaments pack:
-Plasma weapons
-Halberd & Spear types
-Power Fists
-Terminator guns
-Heavy weapons
-Missile launchers

++++Complete vehicle features and bug squashing:
-Finish the Rhino interiors
-Check the deformation rigging in the ones that have it
-Run a thorough error checking

++++Complete any shared textures like normal maps, glow maps etc

++++Throw the whole shit - Weapons and shared textures pack - onto the Workshop

++++Erase and fix any remaining errors in the Space Marines themselves

++++Finish and release the Ultramarines Legion and Chapter
++++Finish and release the Dark Angels Legion and Chapter
++++Finish and release the Word Bearers Legion
++++Finish and release the World Eaters Legion

++++Continue working on the Legions and Chapters and release them as they're completed

note that this CAN be delayed by real-life matters or any bugs that i might run into, but i will try to dedicate as much time to this as i can now
the "Traitor" addition means there will be a separate subset of Marines and vehicles with spikes and such on them (and a different color scheme in the case of the Word Bearers)

Traitor Word Bearers will have horns for their helmets, just like proper Chaos Marines

some Traitor Legions will have access to Chaos-decorated Predator and Rhino series tanks. this means extra trim detail on the hull and daemonic visages sculpted around gun barrels - the latter i've gotten from Dawn of War 2 and modified. the Legions that will not use this variant are:
-Alpha Legion, because no-one knows
-Thousand Sons, because it's not their style
-Iron Warriors, because decoration is for the shallow and the weak.
-Death Guard, because appearance doesn't matter, only durability.

the Predator Annihilator was invented after the Heresy. i'm going to throw this detail in the trash and give everyone the Annihilator variant, because LASER CANNONS!

Night Lords
Night Lords Traitor
Iron Warriors
Iron Warriors Traitor
World Eaters
World Eaters Traitor
Sons of Horus
Sons of Horus Traitor
Word Bearers
Word Bearers Traitor
Death Guard
Death Guard Traitor
Alpha Legion
Thousand Sons
Emperor's Children
Emperor's Children Traitor
Luna Wolves - the same Legion as the Sons of Horus, but, you know, before they got grumpy

the above models are NOT Chaos Space Marines as they appear later in Warhammer 40k! using them outside Heresy/Crusade scenarios will look extremely weird (except for the Word Bearers, maybe). worry not, i will get to proper Chaos Marines later!

Imperial Fists
Iron Hands
Raven Guard
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Dark Angels
White Scars

post-Heresy Chapters of all the nine loyalist Legions included, obviously

once the Legions have been released i'll be releasing accessory packs for them - Kakophoni Noise Marines, Red Butchers and Rampagers, Gal Vorbak Possessed, Catulan Reavers, Suzerain Invictarii, Sanguinary Guard, shit like that. i'll also be sure to make any custom Legion-specific armor sets that i might have left out of the initial release and put them on the Workshop afterwards.

a few slots are open to suggestions, marked by the "???". post ideas below and i'll consider them, answering simply "yes" or "no" after deciding

the rest i have decided on and will not change.

-Iron Snakes
-Doom Eagles

-Angels of Absolution
-Angels of Vengeance
-Guardians of the Covenant

-Mantis Warriors

-Black Templars
-Crimson Fists


-Flesh Tearers
-Blood Drinkers

-NONE, but they'll get a few bits of extra stuff like Fenrisian Wolves


-Sons of Medusa
-Iron Lords
-Red Talons

SPECIALS - renegades, oddballs and those of unknown or rumoured origin
-Astral Claws
-Black Dragons
-Silver Skulls
-Knights of Blood
-Soul Drinkers - cold and fast!
-Red Scorpions

-the Alfa Legion
-Knights Inductor
DO NOTE: I will release the original Legions - both loyalist and traitor - and a few of the most important/well known/popular Successor Chapters in the initial wave, and then i'll be releasing the other Chapters as i complete them
SPACE MARINES - SFM IK Rig Compatibility - yes!
TERMINATORS - SFM IK Rig Compatibility - yes!
DREADNOUGHTS - SFM IK Rig Compatibility - yes!
CONTEMPTOR DREADNOUGHTS - SFM IK Rig Compatibility - having some trouble, we'll see how it goes

be on the lookout for preview shots of finished Marines and vehicles, because a ton of them might appear in the coming week(s)
MK2 "Crusade" ------ DONE
MK3 "Iron" ------ DONE
MK4 "Maximus" ------ DONE
MK5 "Heresy" ------ DONE
MK6 "Corvus" ------ DONE
MK7 "Aquila" ------ DONE
MK7 "Aquila" (Fancy) ------ Almost DONE (arranging bodygroups)
MK7 "Aquila" (Leader) ------ DONE

Bionic Parts ------ In Progress

Legion Praetor ------ DONE
Legion Praetor Terminator ------ DONE

Cataphractii pattern ------ DONE
Indomitus pattern (Horus Heresy) ------ DONE
Indomitus pattern (M41) ------ DONE
Tartaros pattern ------ Almost DONE


Librarian ------ In Progress
Chaplain ------ In Progress
Apothecary ------ In Progress
Techmarine ------ In Progress
Terminator Librarian ------ In Progress
Terminator Chaplain ------ In Progress
Horus Heresy Destroyers ------ In Progress


Contemptor Dreadnought ------ In Progress
MK IV Dreadnought ------ Almost DONE (final adjustments, head options)

Deimos Rhino Tanks ------ Almost DONE (flamer sponsons, DEFORMATION)

Fellblade ------ Almost DONE (needs Volkite cannon bodygroup and DEFORMATION)
Land Raider (Proteus and Spartan hybrid) ------ Almost DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Storm Eagle/Fire Raptor gunship ------ DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Scimitar Jetbike ------ Almost DONE (weapon bodygroups, DEFORMATION)
Sicaran Battle Tank ------ DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Shadowsword/Stormblade ------ DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Baneblade ------ In Progress
Basilisk (should i? the Legions used them after all) ------ Early Stages

------VEHICLES M41------

MK V Dreadnought ------ Almost DONE (final bodygroup checks)
Rhino Tanks ------ DONE
Bike ------ In Progress
Thunderhawk ------ DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Stormraven Gunship ------ DONE - ADDING DEFORMATION
Stormtalon Gunship ------ Not Started


Shields ------ Almost DONE (boarding shield variant 2)
Power Fists ------ Almost DONE (Lightning claws redesign)
Capes ------ In Progress
Chapter/Legion Banners ------ DONE

As you may notice, i've completed/made certain things that weren't ready or even being made when i did the last list; i'll be soon showcasing the things i already haven't
just to clarify where things are currrently

MK2 "Crusade" ------ DONE
MK3 "Iron" ------ DONE
MK4 "Maximus" ------ DONE
MK5 "Heresy" ------ In Progress
MK6 "Corvus" ------ DONE
MK7 "Aquila" ------ DONE
MK7 "Aquila" (Fancy) ------ Almost DONE (arranging bodygroups)
MK7 "Aquila" (Leader) ------ DONE

Bionic Parts ------ In Progress

Legion Praetor ------ In Progress
Legion Praetor Terminator ------ In Progress

MK7 Fancy includes the torso plate of MK8 "Errant", which is only issued to officers, veterans and decorated heroes anyway, so there won't be a separate "plain" MK8 model

Bionic arms will be available to the MK7 Fancy variant and universally to Iron Hands and their Successors

9 of the Horus Heresy era Legions will get two sets of armors, loyalist and traitor, with the latter sets including some Chaos-styled pieces and sharp bitz; chains, spikes, wraps of skin etc

Cataphractii pattern ------ Almost DONE (final adjustments)
Indomitus pattern (Horus Heresy) ------ DONE
Indomitus pattern (M41) ------ DONE
Tartaros pattern ------ In Progress


Librarian ------ In Progress
Chaplain ------ In Progress
Apothecary ------ In Progress
Techmarine ------ In Progress
Terminator Librarian ------ In Progress
Terminator Chaplain ------ In Progress
Horus Heresy Destroyers ------ In Progress


Contemptor Dreadnought ------ In Progress
MK IV Dreadnought ------ Almost DONE (final adjustments, head options)

Deimos Rhino Tanks ------ Almost DONE (pintle mount bodygroups, Vindicator bodygroup, Whirlwind bodygroup, executioner plasma cannon)

Fellblade ------ Almost DONE (needs Volkite cannon bodygroup)
Land Raider (Proteus and Spartan hybrid) ------ In Progress
Storm Eagle/Fire Raptor gunship ------ DONE
Scimitar Jetbike ------ Early Stages (making the model)
Sicaran Battle Tank ------ DONE
Shadowsword/Stormblade ------ DONE
Baneblade ------ In Progress
Basilisk (should i? the Legions used them after all) ------ Early Stages

------VEHICLES M41------

MK V Dreadnought ------ Almost DONE (final bodygroup checks)
Rhino Tanks ------ Almost DONE (pintle mount bodygroups)
Land Raider ------ DONE
Bike ------ In Progress
Land Speeder ------ DONE
Thunderhawk ------ DONE
Stormraven Gunship ------ DONE
Stormtalon Gunship ------ Not Started


Shields ------ Almost DONE (boarding shield variant 2)
Power Fists ------ Almost DONE (Lightning claws redesign)
Capes ------ In Progress
Chapter/Legion Banners ------ Early Stages (texture template made, model itself not)

General Weaponry ------ Made on the side, will be completed when everything else is done

Chapter/Legion specific armor/vehicle variants and assets will be made when everything else is done, and that will take its own time

Skingroups for rank and squad specialisation done for the most part
you should read all of this

some have been asking when the Warhammer 40k GMod/SFM  models would be available to the public. well, not yet.

I constantly analyze the features and properties of the models as I test them and work on them, and recently I’ve found them wanting.



for one, the current models have bodygroups for mixing and matching the armour parts of different sets. while this adds a good amount of variety to the characters, game engine limitations prevent me from including all the Forge World-sanctioned (hue hue) helmet, torso plate and other armor piece variations on the models.


so the next thing I’m doing is a total overhaul of the Space Marine armor sets. this has several stages, and I’m adding lots of things and removing some.


for example, I currently have a model of the MK3 “Iron Armour” set. it has the basic MK3 chestplate and helmet, plus the appropriate shoulder plates, backpack and leg/arm pieces. however, official Forge World miniatures  come with several variations of the MK3 helmet and torso plate. currently I can’t include all of these on the MK3 model,  because the Source engine can only handle so many bodygroups on one model before crashing. some of the details are also erroneous or out of proportion.

the new MK3 model will include all the Forge World components, and nothing extra. it’ll have several variations of the MK3 helmet and chest plate, modeled after the FW pieces as accurately as possible. it’ll also have some extra-ish things that help you turn the basic MK3 tactical Marine into a member of a Breacher squad, for example. there will be some Legion-specific things too; the Iron Hands will have helmets with visible bionic pieces sticking out, and the Emperor’s Children will get some extra decoration.

this will be done to all the Crusade/Heresy models, MK2 through MK6, and it will require modifications to the textures, mainly the helmet texture sheets. currently, the two helmet textures, with textures for 8 helmets in each, are 2048 pixels in width and 1024 pixels in height. I’m going to make them both 2048x2048, freeing up space for 16 more helmets. this will take some time because I have to re-position the textures of the existing helmets on the new sheets. the body texture sheets  - there’s two – have some unused space in them, and I can put the textures for the new torso details there.


the last thing regarding the meshes and their textures is the equipment and design work specific to certain Legions. the World Eater “Berzerker” veteran helmets you’ve already seen, and I’ve made the helmet for the Praetor pattern armour that Ultramarines had. other Legions and their special divisions had unique armor pieces too, and this is what I will replicate for each of the 18 Legions - the Catulan Reavers of the Sons of Horus will have spikes and menacing helmets, the Thousand Sons will get their pseudo-Egyptian crap, Iron Warriors will have extra reinforcing, and so on. Traitor Legions will also have, well, Traitor versions of their models, with Chaos-influenced ornaments like spikes.


Chapter/Legion symbols and iconography will be overhauled both on the Marines and their vehicles.


there will be a separate model for vehicle crews, one for Horus Heresy and one for modern times. i've noticed that Marines manning positions in tanks and such have much smaller shoulder guards and no backpacks, presumably so that it's easier move inside the vehicle and they can sit in seats and so on. this will be replicated on the crewmen.

there’s one more thing regarding the Marines that needs to be corrected, tweaked and fixed, and it’s their animation rigs, or skeletons as they’re more commonly known. their hands have bones for three fingers: thumb, first finger, and the rest; the three other fingers can’t be moved individually. this will be the first thing I fix. the shoulder plates will get a wider range of movement too, because currently posing them without having them clip into something in Garry’s Mod - where bones cannot be moved around – is impossible. tweaking the skeleton also means that I will have to rework the loincloth and everything else dangling from the belt area on the models.



last but not least, vehicles.


currently I have:


Land Speeder


Land Raider

Dreadnought Basic/Venerable/Siege/Ironclad

Thunderhawk gunship

Drop Pod

Dreadnought Drop Pod

Horus Heresy Rhino/Predator

currently i’m working on:

Stormraven gunship

Horus Heresy Land Raider

Contemptor Dreadnought

Fellblade/Glaive Tank

what I will put together but have not started on:

Storm Eagle
Horus Heresy Whirlwind/Vindicator
(bodygroups for Horus Heresy Rhino)

Sicaran Battle Tank

Legion Baneblade (mockup)

Legion Basilisk (mockup)

sidecar for Bike (bodygroup)


estimated time left? no idea, but I’m constantly making progress.

HOWEVER the band that I play lead guitar in seems to be getting some hot air under its wings, and since that has the highest priority, rehearsing/gigging can hinder my modeling progress from time to time.

i'm currently busy with some real life things

to be specific, we're trying to get this band thing going properly. we already played our first show and are currently working on a short demo and trying to hunt more gig opportunities. i'm running around in black leather and hauling around a mean-souding piece of wood with six strings on it, dedicating a lot of my free time to music - and generally screwing around with my three bandmates. goes without saying that this gets in the way of my 40k project quite a bit, and i won't be able to work on it as hard as i have so far. there isn't any danger of it getting shelved or anything, but things will be slower than before

in other news, i've been doing something with the Imperator Titan, i'll post an update when i've done some more texture enhancements
a dude asked me about the nature of my Marine project and i gave him the full details. figured i'd post in here too so that everyone sees the huge info dump!

each Chapter/Legion will have a separate set of models in their own folders, so they'll all get their Marines, Terminators, Dreadnoughts and vehicles with the appropriate liverly and colors, with the Marines and Terminators of course bearing fitting armor components; only the First Founding Chapters for example will have a full selection of Crusade/Heresy era armor suits. the default model selection for a First Founding Chapter will be as such:

MK2 armor
MK3 armor
MK4 armor
MK5 armor
MK6 armor
MK7 basic
MK7 fancy (more bling, for decorated veterans and such)
MK7 commander (EVEN MORE BLING, for Chapter Masters and Captains etc)
MK2/3/4 Apothecary
MK7 Apothecary
Terminator Cataphractii
Terminator Tartaros
Terminator Indomitus (basic modern Terminator suit)
Terminator Chaplain (Indomitus base)
Terminator Librarian (Indomitus base)
Dreadnought (bodygroups for weapons, arms and armor details; body variants such as Siege, Ironclad, Venerable etc. can be selected with a bodygroup)
Rhino Chassis (bodygroups for all variants, like Predators and Whirlwinds)
Land Raider (wide bodygroup selection; select the chassis and the guns and extra stuff like comms equipment)
Land Speeder (bodygroups for weapons)
Land Speeder Tempest (no bodygroups, doesn't need any)
Attack Bike (no idea how i'll make that but i'll figure something out, trying to cram everything into one texture map is a tough job!)
Powerfists for both hands

all tanks and the Thunderhawk will have modeled interiors and rigged, openable doors. yes, you'll have a Land Raider where you can pop all the side doors, driver/commander hatches and the front assault ramp.

SFM animators will be delighted to find that all tanks will have skins for animated tracks for going forward at different speeds, reversing and turning

all Marines will have full IK compatibility for easier posing and animating

most Second and later Founding Chapters won't have complete MK2-MK6 armor models or Cataphractii/Tartaros Terminator armor, due to obvious reasons

jump packs can be enabled with a suitable armor Mark's backback bodygroup; the MK6 suit's jump pack is more streamlined, similar to the older Chaos Raptors design, and the Heresy-era Marines will get the large and crude-looking "beer keg" style jump packs

most armor components aren't exclusive to one model, the MK5 armor for example has a wide selection of helmets from MK3 to MK6 and some chest pieces are almost universal

some Chapters and Legions have armor bits that others don't; Raven Guard will have the MK6 helmets available in more armor suits, Iron Warriors will have better-armored chestplates, Emperor's Children are the only original Legion with access to Aquila-decorated torsos in Heresy armor models, Iron Hands get extra cybernetics, Night Lords will get bat wing helmets and Dark Angels get robes and angel motifs, wolf pelts for the Wolves, that sort of stuff. the armor will reflect the bearer's style of war. some post-Heresy Chapters will also get special treatment, for example the Minotaurs, Terra's very own pampered lapdogs, will have more Heresy-era stuff and fancy things even though they're a newer breed of Astartes

Horus Heresy vehicles and Contemptor pattern Dreadnoughts won't be available at first, i'll look into that stuff later. would love to make a Contemptor at least. however if i make a Crusade/Heresy era Land Raider for example i can say with certainty it won't be 100% accurate, but close enough

some small trinkets like Purity Seals, holsters and such will be included as separate models without army-specific coloration. a fully rigged shiny white cape will also be available so you can put it on a Captain and make it flow in the wind to show the glory of the Ultram- ++THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN CLAIMED FOR THE CHAPTER BY BROTHER-SERGEANT FASTFINGERIO STEELRAINUS++

the whole thing will be supplied in bundles, with one bundle usually featuring a Legion and a bunch of Successor Chapters; Imperial Fists will come with Black Templars and Crimson Fists for example. the nine Traitor Legions will be in one bundle, and their armors won't have visible Chaos influence because i'll do the spiky stuff later when i get to making Chaos Marines. there will also be a special bundle featuring Blood Ravens, Legion of the Damned and other notable Chapters of unclear origin. i'm not sure if i can put it all on the Steam Workshop when the time comes but i'll try!

i'm currently making the Land Raider and it's very close to done. after that i'll only have the Rhino chassis tanks and Dreadnoughts left to do. posting pics of the Thunderhawk, Land Speeders and Land Raider soon!
some months ago i recieved a suggestion from a fellow deviantartist that i should start a donation pool to get money for a new PC. the current budget is 260€, that's roughly how much i need for a new motherboard, graphics card and processor, the only components i really have to upgrade. since my "high school" is soon over i've been desperately looking for a job - since last March actually - but so far i've had no luck with that. if i do manage to get a job soon i'll throw the whole donation idea in the trash but until then i'm considering all options. within a week i'll lose this laptop too and i won't have any computer at all. with the upgraded PC i could properly get back into the art business and also finish and release the tons of GMod modelhack projects that i've made over the last two years or so

i kinda hate begging others for money and other stuff because it doesn't feel right, so before i do anything i'll ask you people: does the donation pool plan have any chance of succeeding and would it be complete dickery to basically go "gib mone im poor"?
i guess the piece of crap broke. shut down without warning when i was browsing the net, and when it restarted it said it couldn't locate the hard drive. i don't even feel like trying to fix that junk anymore so now i'm without a gmod/GIMP-capable PC again lol
i put this together from my little sis' old broken PC, my PC and that piece of junk that dad sent me

Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
GeForce 7800 with 256Mb
3 gigs of DDR2 (i think) RAM
good enough sound card
Vista 32 bit

eh, it's no machine for GMod work, but at least i should be able to use GIMP so i can do stuff with Lonefirewarrior. the rest of the time i'll probably spend playing Worms and Battlefield 2
what's this Llama badge thing yo
well folks, i guess that's that. after years of random bluescreens now and then, today i just got two IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL crashes within 5 minutes for no particular reason. after the next one i'm taking out my hard drive and dumping this piece of fuck at the nearest landfill or just smashing it to pieces with a hammer. i don't have to tolerate this kind of treatment from a goddamn stupid fucking nonsentient machine anymore. i've had it, one more and i'll destroy this thing. going to have to be without a computer for 1-4 years after that but anything is better than having to deal with this fuck