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He Is Mine

The Betrayer pulled his axe from the Ultramarine as he heard his name called. The weapon came free with the always-satisfying crunch, but left behind some teeth.
Khârn frowned at this; the line chainaxe was leagues behind Gorechild in every way, but with his main weapon confined in the armoury for maintenance, he had to make do with spares.

He walked over the blood-soaked mud and several more bodies - enemy and "friendly" alike - to where the call had come from. The Triarius was standing with his back to Khârn, and for a moment the killer of Skalathrax gave serious consideration to the idea of gunning his axe and burying its whirring teeth into the champion's back. He felt pressure at the back of his head as the Nails stirred at the thought, but Khârn forced their rage down. For now, anyway.

Triarius gave no hint of acknowledging Khârn's arrival, but nodded at the Ultramarine at his feet. "This one is still moving."

The loyalist was, judging from the armor markings, captain of the chapter's 4th battle company. He had one good arm left, his plastron had been kicked in and a gaping wound cut deep into the left side of his torso, armor and flesh alike burned away by a power blade's disruption field. To his credit, his face was in one piece save for some bleeding from the mouth and nose. The
Triarius kicked the man in the gash, receiving a pained grunt in reply. Khârn came to stand at his Legion brother's side.

"Name?", he asked the crimson-clad champion.
"I tried to ask politely, but he isn't much of a talker", the Chaos lord replied. The Ultramarine grunted again and spat blood at Khârn.
"Let me", Khârn ventured and took a step forward, raising his axe.
"No", the
Triarius growled, "he is mine."
The side of Khârn's mouth twitched. "Ruining my fun?"
"I saw him first", the champion said, stepping closer to the loyalist captain. He adjusted his grip on the halberd. "And from the looks of that cut, wounded him too.
It’s only right that I finish him."
Khârn didn't make a move despite the growing burning inside his skull. "You have an honour code now? Is that mockery of this whelp, or me?", he asked. The fingers on his axe's trigger twitched.
"Honour should never go further than the simple concept of two men meeting in battle for the sole purpose of one killing the other", the
Triarius said. "Anything more is a waste of time. This is a much simpler, older principle."
The champion powered up his polearm. "I call it "finders keepers"."

Khârn looked at the Triarius, then at the Ultramarine. A muscle pulled at the corner of his eye. "You know I will kill you for this one day, Delvarus."
"It's all the same to me", Delvarus replied as he raised his halberd. "All the same to Him."
B/W: Volkite Fire
"One of the pursuers let fly with his boltgun, but taken as he was by bloodlust or some heathen madness, or both, I took one in my reinforced pauldron and the rest went far and wide. In response Marcus swung around and discharged his caliver into the enemy centurion. The beam caught the traitor square in the segmented midriff of his Mk.IV plate and that was all the heat needed to get through; the man dropped into the sludge with a scream of agony as everything inside his sealed armor burst into flame. We kept running. Let the bastard burn."

Yeah, the new pack will include a couple of volkite guns.
B/W: Assault
"We were halfway through their second defense line when the traitors revealed their trump card.

Ankle-deep in mud, blood and shells of spent mass-reactives, I and the rest of our squad advanced at the back of Sergeant Jeodun over barbed wire and sandbags blown apart by Army artillery. Using the blasted landscape for cover we were making good progress towards the third line of fortifications. Roughly a kilometre to the enemy trenchline, no distance at all. Superheavy armor was rolling past us, prepared to crush the enemy under their tracks if they must. Legion Baneblades and their variants charged across the broken field, smoke belching from gigantic engines that roared like legendary beasts of old. Their weapons were already trained on traitor strongpoints and heavy emplacements.

Darkness gave way to the light of a supernova as a Shadowsword was speared by the brilliant lance of forgotten thunder gods. Volcano cannon capacitors overloaded and the detonation sent the hulking war machine's disintegrating hull hurling through the air with a deafening boom. The rolling mass crushed several Legionaries into the mud and came to a stop some metres from an advancing Baneblade. Mere seconds later a Fellblade had its turret torn off by a similar spear of light. In the dark skies ahead we saw the flash of impossible colours and energy discharge like in a thunderstorm. Void shields. Soon enough the rumble of war horns announced the presence of battle engines on the traitor side of the battlefield. Defaced with spikes impaling the corpses of slain foes and daubed with the Eye of Horus, two Warlord Titans strode from the night as if daring us to take one step further. Our armored spearhead became a shooting gallery as the traitor engines opened fire."

gonna do a series of black and white scenes like this,  haven't done stuff like this before and the lack of color opens up new possibilities when it comes to composition and lighting. and yes, i am deliberately also imitating the style of old 40k art.
The new Space Marine models are currently in a closed beta of sorts. Ultramarines release coming very soon.

They will be available on SFMLab as well as the Facepunch forums thread I've linked earlier.


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i'm an asshole who makes scenes in GMod and does some 3d model shit


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Joazzz2 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for space marines, gaze upon this:…

the Titans are not IK rig compatible yet, but if you want to use them anyway, they're here:…

the download images are a little bugged, but opening them in new tabs helps.
Daniel-D-S Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Student Writer
and for weapons sir?
Daniel-D-S Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Student Writer
and for weapons good sir?
MrChadErton Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
Thanks for the fav :D
Joazzz2 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem, i should probably fav those Knights too because the color scheme and overall paint work are great.
mobilesuitsoldier Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Curious question.

Which are the first Founding Legions is your favorite? Mines, are probably the World Eaters and Night Lords.
Joazzz2 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they all have qualities related to their doctrines, cultures and appearance that i love

the White Scars are probably closest to my heart ideologically - life is short so try to live it hard and fast, look adversity in the face and laugh, but never become prideful because that leads to stagnation. AND they do poetry.
the Iron Warriors have the coolest warpaint, no contest. and they're absolutely brutal too.
the Thousand Sons are a good example of what overconfidence can lead to; all White Scars psykers were offered a deal with the devil, but they only took a sip when the Sons drained the whole cup. they did it all with pure intentions though, which was tragic.
Raven Guard, Salamanders, Iron Hands - Legion-specific stuff aside, it's amazing how these guys weren't just put down by the Drop Site Massacre, instead they started hitting back twice as hard as soon as they got their shit together. and the Hands burned the World Eaters home planet. with a moon. holy fuck.
the Alpha Legion, well, infinite plot twist potential and badass appearance.
the World Eaters - another tragic Legion that could've been savage but heroic and was lead into damnation by conspiring outsiders and Angron's stubbornness and insanity. Khârn was a pretty cool guy. WAS.
the Word Bearers are some of the worst sickos around but don't believe themselves to be really evil, Lorgar doesn't anyway. i never get tired of reading about their exploits because they seem to have a few honorable characters left.
the Night Lords - thieves, criminals, rapists, murderers, backstabbers and magnificent bastards. Sevatar exemplifies their whole shtick pretty damn well.
Dark Angels, the First Legion are a secretive monastic knightly order IN SPACE.
mobilesuitsoldier Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
Hah, we can agree on that. Also LOVE your SFM/Gmod models. Keep it up.
DerKaktus12345 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hollowberserker28 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016
hey when you make angron are you going to make his weapons if so which version of gorechild are you going to use the new kharn gore child or the forge world angron model's or some other one?
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